Apply for a Permit

You may apply for your permit online if your jurisdiction offers this feature. When applying for the permit you will be able to also upload plans and other documents in PDF format if documents and drawings are required for your project.

1. Once you are logged in, go to the “Permits and Licensing” button in the top left area of the screen and then click on Apply Online.

2. In order, select the State, Jurisdiction, and Project Type as shown below and then click next. If you do not see the jurisdiction in which you desire to submit an application to after selecting the state, then the jurisdiction does not yet offer the “Apply Online” feature at this time.

3. Select “Get Started on a New Application” to begin the application process. You should only use the “Add a Permit to an Existing Account” option if you are applying for an Electrical, Mechanical or Plumbing permit that will be added on to an already issued building permit.

4. Enter the physical address of the project and then click next.

5. The Applicant contact information will automatically pre-fill from the user account information of your log-in account. You may select how you wished to receive automatic notifications during the project. Please note that e-mail notifications are more convenient and can be referred back to at any time since the notifications arrive in your e-mail inbox. It is strongly encouraged that you opt in for e-mail notifications. Missed telephone calls can cause you to miss some of your notifications during the project. To opt in for any notification method type, please click the check box next to the preferred method in which you would like to be notified. Click next to proceed.

6. Now enter the Property Owner’s contact information and then click next.

7. Click the “Click Here” button to enter the Contractor’s Information.

Proceed to enter the Contractor’s contact information and then click next.

8. Select the Application Type desired from the drop down list. This represents the type of permit you are applying for.

9. Select the Applicable Fee that corresponds with the permit you are applying for. You must go in order by selecting the Category first, next select the Type, then select the Calculation and then click the Add button. Sometimes a variable will be required to calculate the fee. If a variable is required, an additional box will display for you to enter it. If you add a fee in error, you may click the Remove button and then select the correct fee by following the steps again.

*Note: There is an option to select “I do not know which fee to use” in the event you are simply unaware which fee to select. The jurisdiction will be able to select the appropriate fee for you if this is the case.

10. Answer all questions in the Application Questionnaire. This is information required to process your application. Please make the absolute best effort to answer all questions accurately. If you do not know the answer to a question or if it is not applicable to your project, please enter “Not Known” or Not Applicable” so that you may proceed with submitting your application. Once you have completed all questions, click next to proceed.

11. You may upload any files required with your application. Files uploaded must be in PDF format. Some types of files that may be required include a Site Plan, Survey, Building Drawings, Foundation Certification Letter, etc. To upload documents, click on the Upload Files button. Search for the files on your computer. Select the file and then click Open. Allow the file time to upload. You may repeat this process to upload multiple files. Once you have uploaded all files click the Next button to proceed.

12. Click the Submit button only once to submit your application to the jurisdiction for review.

You will receive a confirmation message and an application number. The jurisdiction will receive your application and begin processing the application. Once the jurisdiction accepts the application, you will be able to pay the permit fees. Please be patient. Someone from the jurisdiction will contact you to proceed or if they need additional information.

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