New Residential Construction

The City of Georgetown has the 2021 International Residential Code (IRC), 2021 National Electrical Code, and the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) adopted. The City does have amendments to the IRC and the IECC listed in the Code of Ordinances.

New Residential Construction projects such as a New Residential Home, Accessory Dwelling Unit, or Additions must be submitted online at along with required documents listed below.

Submittal Requirements – Must be in PDF format and labeled correctly with the correct address. 

Apply online at  with the following:

  • Plot plan /Site Plan/ Official Survey of the lot with complete and accurate address/legal description. Must indicate the location of the building on the lot with set back dimensions, all easements affecting the lot, proposed parking and drainage details, fence location, trees, heritage trees, credit trees, impervious cover calculations), storm inlets, water meter location/sewer clean out location
  • Engineered and Stamped Foundation Plan & Details
  • Wind Bracing Plans (if engineered – stamped engineered copy)
  • Framing Plans (if engineered – stamped engineered copy)
  • Building Plan to include:
    • Floor Plan & Details
    • Wall Construction Plan or Cross Section & Details
    • Fire Rated Eave Detail if Eaves encroach into 5’ side building setback line
    • Roof Plan & Details or Truss Specifications – Truss Package
    • Elevations
    • Electrical Plan & Details to include: Electrical Service Load Analysis, Location of all Electrical Distribution, Power, Lighting, &Equipment, GFCI receptacles, and any Electrical Notes.
    • Smoke detectors & CO Detectors
    • Plumbing Plan & Details  to include: Plumbing Layout, Water Meter Size and Water Service Line Size, Water Heater Size and Type (gas/electric), Type of materials to be used.
    • Mechanical Plan & Details to include: HVAC Locations, Indicate Gas or Electric, Type and Size of Unit, System Distribution.
    • Masonry Calculations (if applicable)
  • ResCheck Form ( 2021 Energy Conservation Code)
  • Copy of Recorded Plat
  • Landscape Plan
  • Additional info such as Heritage Tree Pruning Permit or documentation a Pruning permit is not require if Heritage Tree/Credit Tree is present on lot.
  • If City of Georgetown is the electric provider, then an electric line extension maybe required. Please contact: Electric Engineering or click the following link: Line Extension Information (Electric Engineering)
  • If the address is located in the downtown or old town overlay – a Certificate of Appropriateness may be required.

Important Links:

Fee schedule

Code of Ordinances related to Building and Construction

Unified Development Code

Chapter 6  of the Unified Development Code – Residential Dimensional and Design Standards

Chapter 6 of the Unified Development Code – Residential Single Family District

Chapter 8 of the Unified Development Code – Residential Fences

Chapter 8 of the Unified Development Code – Residential Landscaping Requirements 

Heritage Tree and Pruning Permits FAQ

Chapter 9 of the Unified Development Code – Off Street Parking Requirements

Chapter 11 of the Unified Development Code  – Impervious Cover Requirements

Chapter 12 of the Unified Development Code – Driveway and Sidewalk Requirements

Electrical Code Ordinance

International Building Code

Energy Code Compliance aka RES Check

Adopted Building Codes 

Electric Line Extension

Residential Plan Review:

Residential Plan Review is fifteen  (15) business days to (20) business days from the time your application is accepted. Once the permit is issued you will receive notification via email from and the amount of the permit.


Inspections are conducted Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 3:30pm.

All inspections must be requested online at before 3:00pm for the next business day in most cases. We do not accept inspection requests via telephone and we do not guarantee next business day inspections.

Inspectors are available for any questions you may have Monday thru Friday 3:30pm to 4:00pm or you can email them at any time.

Residential Certificate of Occupancy:

The City of Georgetown does not issue a Certificate of Occupancy for residential homes. The building final inspection serves as the Certificate of Occupancy. If you are the permit holder, you may print the building final report from your account.

General Permitting Questions:

For any questions, please contact

For My Government Online Tech Support – (866) 957-3764


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