Georgetown Building Inspections

Miscellaneous Permits

Please apply online at for all permits listed below:

Tips for applying online:

  • JPEG and ZIP files cannot be read and are not accepted.
  • Please use  Google Chrome when applying online.
  • All files must be merged together in pdf format as stated on application
  • Please have all merge files facing the correct way and labeled as indicated on the application.

Miscellaneous Permits:

*For any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical trade permits, you must be a registered contractor.

*If you are the homeowner and plan do to the work yourself, then a Homeowners Exempt Form must be submitted along with your permit application.

**Plumbing, Electrical, and/or Mechanical Permits requested as part of new construction project must be requested under the main permit number for that particular new construction project.  Please contact general contractor for permit number.

Once the permit is issued, you will receive notification to pay from

Additional information needed specific to your project?

Click here to submit an inquiry specific to your project

For any other questions, please email

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