Patios / Decks / Flatwork

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  • Completed Residential Miscellaneous Application.
  • Official Site Survey indicating the property lines and proposed patio, deck & flatwork location with dimensions and construction drawings to include footing details if raised masonry (12” footing required for seat walls, etc…).
  • Please show impervious Cover Calculations on survey site plan and/or impervious cover calculation worksheet
  • Sun City Modification Approval Letter (only for Sun City)


  • Apply online at
  • Select Deck, arbor, patio, patio cover in drop down box when applying.
  • Pay Permit Fee of $41.00. If over 144 sq ft, + $50.00 + .05 per sq ft (of total sq ft) and $6.00 tech fee.
  • Application submittal process is complete, project # is assigned. Payment must be made in order to initiate plan review process.
  • Allow ten (10) business days for plan review.
  • Notification will be sent via e-mail from .
  • Pay balance (if applicable).
  • Start construction.
  • Request required inspections – All inspections must be requested at by 3:00pm for the next business day


  1. Foundation /Pre-pour Inspection – Proper dowel rods and spacing, proper mesh or steel installed, proper width and slope, expansion material and spacing
  2. Set Back Inspection-Locate and Expose the Property Iron Pins and install a string line to form an outline of where patio is to be constructed/placed on property. If existing property pins cannot be located, the property boundary must be established by measurement from existing benchmarks or by placement of new property marks through a registered survey.**
  3. Building Final Inspection – Property Iron Pins shall be left exposed for final inspection.

**The Owner/Contractor is responsible to properly locate the property lines; locate pins on survey, and assuring that the work is completed in compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. *Engineer stamped plans may be required if deck height is over 6’.

*If electrical or plumbing is part of project, additional permitting and inspections may apply.