Certificate of Occupancy

All businesses in the City of Georgetown require a valid Certificate of Occupancy Permit  prior to occupying the business space or opening to the general public. This applies to all stand-alone buildings as well as leasable tenant space in multi-tenant buildings. In addition, a Certificate of Occupancy is not transferable. Anytime the business owner, business address or business name changes, a new Certificate of Occupancy is required.

If any construction is planned such as demolishing, adding or moving walls, window or doors a building permit will be required.

If adding or moving and  electric, plumbing,  or HVAC a building permit will be required.

If a change of use is planned, a building permit will be required. For example, if the previous use of the space was an office and the new use of the space will be for a restaurant then building permits will be required before a certificate of occupancy can be applied for.

Please contact our office for more information regarding building permits by emailing permits@georgetown.org  or click here.

Certificate of Occupancy Permit Process:

  • Complete the Certificate of Occupancy and submit it online at www.mygovernmentonline.org
  • Pay permit fees when you receive notification from no-reply@scpdc.org
  • Allow up to seven business days for zoning verification review.
  • Once Certificate of Occupancy Application is approved, we will send notification via mygovernmentonline.org to schedule the required fire and building inspections. If you do not receive notification within seven business days, please email us at permits@georgetown.org with project number and address. Please be advised that water and electric must be on.  If the electric power is not currently on, then you will need a thirty (30) temporary power inspection first, before fire and building inspections can be completed. This is temporary power only and is subject to disconnection if all inspections are not completed.
  • After the Fire and Building Inspections pass,  the Certificate of Occupancy will be uploaded to the project files at www.mygovernmentonline.org and  we will email a copy of the  Certificate of Occupancy.
  • If you fail any of the required inspections, you have ten days to correct items and reschedule your inspection. If inspections are not resolved, power and /or water may be disconnected.
  • Once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, you may open to the public.

For New Commercial Construction (Ground Up/ Shell Buildings),Commercial Remodels, or Additions :

New Commercial Construction Ground Up/Shell Buildings: Click Here

Commercial Remodel or a Tenant Finish Out: Click Here

Directions to apply for New Commercial Construction CO/ Remodel CO/ or Tenant Finish Out CO under an existing Permit Number: Click Here

If you are located in the ETJ and are connected to Georgetown Utilities then you will need a Commercial Service Application .

Residential Certificate of Occupancy:

The City of Georgetown does not issue a Certificate of Occupancy. The building final inspection serves as the Certificate of Occupancy. If you are the permit holder, you may print the building final report from your www.mygovernmentonline.org account.

Fire Hydrant Meter Application:

The purpose of a fire hydrant water meter is to provide water temporarily during ongoing construction projects and when tapping water lines into our main line.

To apply for a fire hydrant, click here

Contact Customer Care for any questions regarding a fire hydrant meter at: customercare@georgetown.org.


If you have any questions regarding Commercial Service Applications, please email customercare@georgetown.org.

If you have any questions regarding Certificate of Occupancy Applications, please email permits@georgetown.org

Quick Links:

Directions for www.mygovernmentonline.org 

How to create an account

How to apply for a Permit

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