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Swimming Pool / Spa

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A permit is required for installation of in-ground, or prefabricated swimming pools, spas or hot tubs, in either commercial or residential use.

You can apply online at

 Required Documentation:

Swimming Pool Process:

  1. Submit application along with required documentation as listed above online at
  2. Pay fee of $65.00 once application is accepted and you receive notification
  3. Allow ten business days for review
  4. Permit is approved
  5. Electrician requests electrical permit under main permit#/Plumber requests plumbing permit under main permit#
  6. Layout Inspection
  7. Pool Steel and Plumbing Rough
  8. Deck Bond and Deck Steel
  9. Swimming Pool Final

Are there any special requirements?

Impervious Cover

  • 50% of the square footage of the water surface area of a residential swimming pool shall be counted as a previous surface.  This does not include the apron of the pool, surrounding patio, or decking, all of which will count towards the impervious cover.
  • Impervious cover limitations are established on the approved recorded plat. In the event, the recorded plat does not establish the impervious cover limitations the maximum impervious cover allowed shall be determined in accordance with the Unified Development Code Chapter 11.
  • Click Here for link to Williamson County Clerk Public Records Search for Plats.

Barrier Requirements per Appendix G of the 2012 International Residential Building Code

  • A fence, wall or barrier is required that completely surrounds the swimming pool, tract, or lot. Barrier requirements are intended to provide against potential drowning and near drowning by restricting access to swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
  • All doors with direct access to the pool shall be equipped with an alarm which produces an audible alarm when the door is opened.

For all other questions, please email