Pavers – Alternative Option for Impervious Cover


Per section 9.03.020. D.  of the City of Georgetown Unified  Development Code – All parking, driveway approaches shall be construction and maintained with a Paved Surface. Exceptions to the paver surface material requirements may be considered administratively by the Landscape Planner and Development Engineer in order to protect the critical root zone for Heritage Trees.

To go over the platted impervious cover we can allow permeable pavers to meet both the city code requirements and the TCEQ requirements.  In order to process the request we will need you to provide the following:

  1. Provide an Engineered Design Water Quality ( Per TCEQ Rules) RG – 348
  2. Your engineer will need to confirm the runoff coefficients of the pavers and how it affects the drainage criteria and assumptions, this will need to be signed and sealed.  Any increased drainage will need to be detained for the 2, 10, 25,100 yr storms.  This will need to be in a drainage easement. May need to get the runoff coefficient from the manufacturer.
  3. There existing TCEQ WPAP will need to be amended or redone to account for the additional BMP(Best Management Practices) (Pavers)
  4. TCEQ WPAP will need to be recorded and the city provided with a copy of the recordation Receipt
  5. A Maintenance Agreement following the guidelines in TCEQ RG 348 and the manufacturer guidelines will need to be recorded and go with the property
  6. A Private Water Quality Easement will need to be recorded and a copy provided to the city
  7. Detention Easement (If needed)
  8. Potential 3rd party Inspection.
  9. Roof Runoff needs to be directed away from the pavers.
  10. Letter of Completion submitted to TCEQ after installation by the engineer.

Additional Information:

Contact City Engineer: City Engineering or (512) 930-2572

Impervious Cover FAQ

Impervious Cover Worksheet

Unified Development Code: Chapter 11 of the Unified Development Code

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