Permits Process

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Start with an idea, either for your residence or for your business.


Talk to Us About Your Project

For large projects, you will need to read about the Pre-Application Conference where members from several departments can come together to talk to you about your idea. For smaller projects, you can just talk to someone in Building Inspections. If you don’t know which category your project falls within, email us!

Adopted Codes: 2012 International Building Code, 2012 International Mechanical Code, 2012 International Plumbing Code, 2012 International Fire Code, 2012 Fuel Gas Code, 2012 Property Maintenance Code, 2014 National Electrical Code with Amendments. 2015 International Energy Code, 2012 International Residential Building Code, City of Georgetown Unified Development Code, and City of Georgetown Code of  Ordinances


Apply for your Permit Online!

Log onto MyGovernmentOnline to create an account, and complete your permit application.



Once your permit has been approved, you can return to MyGovernmentOnline to remit your payment or come into Building Inspections and submit your payment in person.  See a schedule of our current permit fees.



You can schedule an inspection through MyGovernmentOnline by 3:00 p.m. for the next business day in most cases.

Not sure how to schedule an inspection in MyGovernmentOnline?  Visit our How-To Section!