Generator Permit

A Generator Permit is required for the installation of a generator. Please review the information regarding the  permitting and inspection process to install a residential standby generator. Included are the required permits, items that must be available to city field inspectors at the construction site, and the items that the city inspectors will be verifying in the field during the inspection process.


It is important for everyone proposing to install a generator within the city limits of Georgetown to review the regulations associated with Code of Ordinances which regulates noise and sound levels. An approval to install a standby generator does NOT serve as an exemption from the noise and sound level regulations addressed by Code of Ordinances. Please review and understand all noise and sound level regulations and associated limitations and address appropriately.

Permit Requirements:

  • Generator Permit*
  • Electrical Permit**
  • Plumbing Permit

*Once generator permit is issued, electrical and plumbing trades will permit under main generator permit.

**If installation of a generator requires a service rebuild, an additional electric permit for a service rebuild will be required. There will be two electric permits under the main permit. One for the service rebuild and one for generator.

Submittal Requirements: All permits are required to be submitted online at

  • The manufacturer’s installation manual
  • Official Survey of Property indicating the location of proposed on-site generator, dimensions of the generator or generator housing, location, and orientation of equipment in relation to the existing gas meter, and any other equipment such as condensing units, pool equipment, or other equipment that requires access for maintenance. Distance from property lines.
  • Electrical plan providing one-line electrical drawings, load analysis, generator and transfer equipment specs, and tank component and specs.
  • Gas Piping Riser Diagram
  • Clearly indicate if gas or electric lines will be underground
  • Clearly indicate if a service rebuild will be required

Inspections Check List:

The following inspections are required to be requested and items from the approved plans will be verified by the inspectors. If there is a service rebuild needed, additional inspections will apply such as service disconnect inspection (request to disconnect power) and permanent power inspection. These two inspections will be required to be requested at the same time for the same day 48 hrs in advance. If there is no service rebuild needed, then those inspection do not apply.

  • Power Disconnect
      • Request to disconnect power 48 hours in advance along with the request for Power Reconnect/Perm Power. This inspection must be requested at the same time at the reconnect power 48 hrs in advance.
  • Power Reconnect/Permanent Power
      • Request to reconnect power after service rebuild is complete. This inspection must be requested at the same time at the disconnect power 48 hours in advance.
  • Generator Gas Underground
      • Underground gas piping required to have an inspection prior to backfilling.
      • Underground gas piping shall have a minimum depth of 12 inches (IRC G2415.12)
  • Generator Electric Underground
      • Underground Electric Prior to backfilling – Verify Conduit, depth, warning tape (applicable to underground electrical systems)
      • Underground Electric Conduit must be a minimum of 18 inches ( IRC E3803)
  • Generator Plumbing Inspection
      • Gas piping shall be painted/or coated with corrosion-resistant protection. (IRC 2414.7)
      • Plastic underground gas piping must have a tracer wire in trench which terminates above grade at each end. (IRC 2415.17.3
      • Gas line, piping, and regulators must be adequately secured, protected, and supported per (IRC 2415.9)- (IRC Table G2424.1)
      • Required appliance flex connector must be per manufactures specifications (straight or nearly straight) (IRC 2406.1)
      • Test at 1 ½ x operating pressure or 10 PSI test on 15 lb. gauge
  • Generator Electrical Inspection
      • Above ground conduit (applicable to above ground conduit systems)  (IRC 3802)
      • Site Inspection minimum dimension from the generator or generator housing (when provided) to
      • Setback to lot lines or property lines
      • Combustible exterior building walls per Manufacture Specs
      • Openings located in an exterior wall of a building = 5 feet min. Sec. 4.1.4 of NFPA 37
      • Location and orientation of equipment in relation to the existing electrical panel
      • Electrical specifications for the proposed generator
      • Electrical contractor’s load analysis identifying the electrical loads selected, to verify generator and transfer switch is appropriately sized for the designated loads
  • Generator Final Inspection
      • Required clearances for maintenance and service of any equipment located within the general area,
      • Flex fuel lines, regulators, and the BTU rating for sizing the gas service line to the meter,
      • Electrical specifications for the proposed generator
      • Generator must be installed on a concrete pad or approved base that is a minimum of 3” above the surrounding grade. (IRC 1305.1.3.1)
      • Final Setback to lot lines or property lines
      • Properly labeled disconnect means (2017 NEC 230.85,110.21(B) ,445.18)

Example of Current Cost: $70.00 Generator and Tech Fee, $60.00 Plumbing and Tech Fee, $60.00 Electric and Tech Fee. If service rebuild is required, there will be two electric permits required with an additional $60.00

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