Irrigation Systems

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An Irrigation Permit is required before you install any lawn irrigation system which you permanently connect to the City’s water supply.

A lawn sprinkler permit is not required when making repairs to the piping of an existing lawn irrigation system unless the back-flow prevention device is being replaced.

After the system has been installed and completed. A State certified back flow prevention tester must test the back flow device and a cross connection test report form must be completed. This form must be uploaded to within 72 hours of test completion and the back flow test inspection requested via .

Click here for Backflow Prevention Testing Info

Where to apply:

Apply online at for a lawn sprinkler permit, select  irrigation application  and upload the stamped irrigation plan, as built plans if the irrigation system includes a new water service/water meter.

After the irrigation system is installed and back flow device is tested, please upload the back flow test report to and request the back flow inspection at .

Additional requirements may required if installing a new water tap.

Click here for fee schedule 

For questions, please contact