Irrigation Systems

An Irrigation Permit is required before you install any lawn irrigation system which you permanently connect to the City’s water supply.

A lawn sprinkler permit is not required when making repairs to the piping of an existing lawn irrigation system unless the back-flow prevention device is being replaced.

After the system has been installed and completed. A state certified back flow prevention tester must test the back flow device and a cross connection test report  must be completed at . The backflow report  must be completed at www. within 72 hours of test completion and the inspection to notify the city the back flow test report was completed must be requested via

Click here for Backflow Prevention Testing Info

Where to apply:

Apply online at  for a lawn sprinkler permit, select  irrigation application  and upload the irrigation plan that is sealed/stamped /signed by a Licensed Irrigator and as built plans if the irrigation system includes a new water service/water meter.

Water Meter Needed: Additional requirements may required if installing a new water tap.

Fee Schedule: Click here for fee schedule 

Contractors: All contractor must be registered. Click here to register.  

As a homeowner can pull my own permits?

A Homestead Exemption permit may be issued to non-licensed individuals to perform plumbing, electrical and mechanical work within the dwelling premises that they own and occupy. Before beginning any work, the unlicensed person must first sign an affidavit stating that the applicant owns and occupies the structure and is responsible for conducting the work to code specifications, provide proof of ownership from Williamson County Appraisal District and pay all required permit fees. Homeowner exemptions do not apply to rental or commercial properties.

Homeowners Exempt Certificate

TCEQ Landscape Irrigation information:

For additional questions, please contact


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