Roof/ReRoofing Permits

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A permit is required for a new roof within the City Limits of Georgetown. A  new roof covering shall not be installed without first removing existing roof coverings when any of the following conditions occur:

  • When the existing roof or roof covering is water soaked or deteriorated to the point of being unacceptable as a base for additional roofing
  • When the existing roof covering is wood shake, slate, clay or cement tile . When the existing roof has two or more layers of any type of roofing
  • In some cases, the roof framing and supporting of loading may need to be examined prior to re-roofing
  • When the roof is completed request final inspection online at for final inspection.

References are located in the 2015 International Residential Building Code Chapter 9 Roof Assemblies


  1. Contractors must register with the City of Georgetown by completing Contractor Registration. Click here to register 
  2. Contractor must create an account at 
  3. Apply online for a re-roof permit at All permits are required to be applied for online at
  4. Once application is accepted and processed, a notification is sent to the applicant to pay online at The cost of the permit is $45.00
  5. Install Roof and request roof final inspection online at 


  • Process Time:  Current time to process 7 business days due to volume of permit applications being submitted.
  • Address Checker: Click here to use the interactive maps tool
  • Contractors are required to Register: Click Here to Register
  • Cost of permit is $45.00
  • All permits are required to be submitted electronically.
  • If you need to check status of a permit, please email  with the application number and address. Please allow 7 business days for processing due to high volume of applications being submitted. – Updated 7.6.2020



Are ice barriers required?  No

Is drip edge required? Yes, per section R905.2.8.5 of 2015 IRC

Are metal roofs allowed? As long as they are installed per 2015 IRC ***or 2015 IBC for Commercial

Are Roofing Company Signs allowed to be placed in the yard?

One 2×2 sign is allowed to be place in the front yard during construction. The sign must be located on private property and out of the Right of Way. A rule of thumb: At least ten feet from curb. Sign must be removed immediately after construction.

Is an address inside the city limits? Click here to go to address checker tool 

Can you please tell me what underlayment requirements you are enforcing in roof valleys (i.e… rolled 3’ wide or ice and water shield material )in Georgetown for re-roofing? Also are you enforcing starter row shingles on eave and rake like drip or just eave?

City of Georgetown has adopted the 2015 IRC and all installations must be in accordance with manufactures instructions.  All roof installations must be to the 2015 IRC.

Per Section R905.2.5.2 : Valley linings shall be installed in accordance with the manufactures instructions. See code for the following types permitted.

Per section R905.2.8.5 Drip Edge shall be provided at eaves and rake edge of shingle roofs.

***If your address is in the Old Town Overlay or Downtown Overlay, you may need a Certificate of Appropriateness if you are changing materials.***

How long does it take to get a Re-Roofing Permit?

Due to a influx of re-roofing permit requests, re-roofing permits may take up to seven business days  or longer to process. If you have not received notification that your roof permit has been processed after seven business days, please email permits@georgetown with the application number and address.

Does the City require a Solicitors Permit? 

Yes. Solicitors Permits are issued by the Police Department. Please  click here to contact the Police Department.

What are the requirements for commercial buildings roof replacement? 

Please see 2015 IBC 


General Questions: Email: 

Permits under review or Issued Permits:
Please include the permit/project number and the address

Building Inspections:
Email the assigned inspector 
Contact support